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The desperate need to provide Healthcare amongst the poorer communities in which Mercy Teams is working is a constant challenge. A shortage of Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Social workers, and other professionally trained workers makes our task difficult.

Statistics show that many are trapped in the poverty cycle. Perhaps they are greatly in need of medical help or other healthcare, perhaps they spend all their meagre resources on getting medical attention (eg HIV/Aids victims) or maybe do not see a doctor simply because there is none available in their village or community. Either way, there seems to be a direct correlation between some forms of poverty and healthcare.

Mercy Teams is providing several strong intiatives amongst refugee communities on the Thai-Burma Border where Doctors and Nurses regularly visit. More are always needed!

Heightened tension inside Myanmar leading up to the elections in 2010 caused many village families to seek an escape route thru the jungle from the army aggression. Many of these families, with their children and elderly, arrived in a distressed state in 3 Pagoda Pass, the unofficial crossing into Thailand. They are desperate for Medical attention.

3 Pagoda Pass has no current medical facilities for such refugee families and so by word of mouth, they find their way to our free clinic in the neighbouring village. Extreme medical cases are taken by Mercy Teams van to the christian hospital about an hour away. Such a journey poses some problems because of the lack of documentation by the person when entering Thailand.

The kindness which is shown by the Mercy Teams healthcare staff , is often the first they have seen for a long time and demonstrates love in action.

If you have a calling to live cross-culturally, embrace suffering, and use your healthcare training as a vital member of a Team, contact our Head Office for further information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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