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Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia, with its borders stretching 2000 kms from north to south and 900 kms from east to west.

Three quarters of Myanmar is mountains and forests. Formerly Burma, the country gained its independance from Britain in January 1948. Immediately after independence, the country was almost torn apart by a bitter and violent civil war that continued for almost a decade.

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Mercy Teams International - Community Development (Grace Community) 

What was once an empty field, and opened in May 2014 is a building housing 20 families! 


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Space has been reserved for a church to meet within the building.

This is an exciting development for the 20 migrant workers and their families who were displaced after Cyclone Nargis. 

This work with the families of Grace Community began in response to the natural disaster in 2008 which claimed nearly 140,000 lives and left over 2 million homeless.  We continue that work with this community.

Some of our families are pictured below. We continue to be encouraged by Grace Communities resilience and incredible faith. MTI is honored to walk with these families as they rebuild their lives and their homes. 


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Mercy Teams International. Faith Learning Centre.   Our work focusses on supporting the costs to children who are supposed to be in school but are either too poor, or who have been excluded because of comments and discouragement from others in their community.  Our financial support covers school tuition fees, text books, stationery and uniforms.  It provides 'coaching classes' (personal coaching) aiming to bring students closer to the level of education they should be at. Classes kept small to give best opportunity with, tuition offered by volunteer national Christian teachers  who are retired.  As well as their academic studies, students hear the gospel and learn of the Christian values of prayer, Bible reading and a life of faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. 

Most students come from poor rural farms.  Being from a poor socio-economic stratum, students struggle even with the monthly tuition fee of $US3. With the Faith Learning Centre being our primary project in Myanmar, we need to exercise wisdom and our teams must be sensitive to limits placed on us by local authorities who constantly monitor us. 

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