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There are five values that we hold important to guide us.

People First: When we distribute and target communities thru holistic development and aid, we will try and allocate impartially, based on peoples needs not on their religion, ethnic background or standing in society. All people are created by God and have value and dignity. While our deepest desire is to serve the poorest and neediest, we want to respect their dignity by welcoming them as active participants, not passive recipients.

Team Unity: Our Staff are our greatest resource. The challenges we face in the heartland of poverty and suffering requires skilled individuals working as a united Team: We also know that Team Unity needs to be constantly safe-guarded and defended.

Safety First: Safety on the Field is of utmost and primary importance. Where there is a life-threatening emergency, or acute health risk, which endangers our staff worker, we will act quickly to provide the best response for their well-being. Sometimes, events unfold in a way that requires us to monitor hourly, the state of emergency. In consultation with the Field leadership who are on the ground, and Headquarters leadership, decisions will be made in the best interests of the safety of our Staff.

Our Backers: We constantly rely on the goodwill and generosity of our Supporters for funds and material goods. We will endeavour to maintain integrity and openness in presenting our Projects, so that our Supporters will have confidence that the Projects they are supporting have a physical, mental and spiritual benefit to the Community and lives of those we are serving.

Christian Morals: The life and teachings of Christ and the indwelling power of His Spirit, is fundamental to every Mercy Team workers’ conduct and relational practices. Jesus’ teachings about the dignity and value of the poor, the oppressed and children in need, empowers and intimately guides Mercy Team Staff workers to “go the extra mile” to “give the only shirt they have” and to “serve those who serve”. Mercy Team workers identity as Christian however, will not diminish their compassion to the many diverse contexts in which they will be called to work.



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