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Mercy Teams International (MTI) is a christian humanitarian organization, creating opportunities for men and women of all ages and from all nations to serve in countries throughout South East Asia.


Mercy Teams International is focused on the disadvantaged poor in South East Asia. We minister amongst children, young adults and families at risk by providing medical and educational support, community development and fostering spiritual wholeness. Our Vision is 'Sharing Hope Supporting Change'  as we spread the 'salt and light' of Jesus amongst the poor’.

Our primary objective in serving is to reduce suffering and oppression amongst the poor and needy, by demonstrating love in action.

Mercy Teams vision is to be Sharing Hope and Supporting Change as we work with the poor, ministering into the distress and suffering of children and families at risk. Our goal when mixing and living amongst deprived families is to influence values in community, to bring balance into lives that are broken and hurting, to return hope to children who have been abused and are suffering and to bring value and new hope into broken lives. We believe our  workers can bring profound change to those who are suffering .

Mercy Team workers are called to 'let their light shine".

All our Mercy Teams workers are taught to see the Poor, as people like you and I, having significance and deserving respect.

Our objective is to share hope and support change in the communities we are part of, through medical aid, educational support & training, income generation projects and helping children at-risk (eg children who may be victims of sexual and physical abuse, child labour, poor health or illiteracy).

Through our Workers MTI aims to bring Good News to children and families at risk.



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