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Mercy Teams International (MTI) is a christian humanitarian organization made up of volunteers of all ages from a variety of countries, such as Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, and often other countries as volunteers offer their time to our work. Our volunteers are committed to living and working amongst the poor, with the aim of bringing renewal, hope and justice to those who are suffering and oppressed.

MTI has its registered Headquarters and Central Office in Singapore (Regn # 200203438W) with ministry personnel working in humanitarian projects throughout Southeast Asia.

Currently MTI’s Project Fields and Staff are located in Singapore (Head Office), Cambodia, Thai / Burma Border, Myanmar and Indonesia.

MTI Workers come from all walks of life ~ professional, trades, university educated and uneducated. Accountants, Doctors, Teachers, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Construction workers, Pastors, Builders, Housewives, Secretaries.

All workers come with a common desire to bring about change, to combat a twin evil, suffering and poverty, to join hands in ministering to children and families at risk, to use their skills, their faith and their deeds to make a difference, to restore, to repair and to bring hope.

Our Workers believe there is good news for the poor. Our Workers believe there is value in serving the destitute and the impoverished. They believe that every person, no matter how poor or dispossessed, has an inalienable right to know that Someone does care for them.

Besides Singapore, Mercy Teams International is registered in Cambodia as a non-Government organization, with projects that assist in the process of rescuing and rehabilitating children who are abused or who live at risk on the streets of Phnom Penh.




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