We believe that a holistic approach towards community development is necessary to effect lasting change.

Brokenness in relationships is the root cause of poverty and a host of humanitarian issues. We aim to restore pervasive brokenness in communities suffering from its effects.

“Humans are spiritual, social, psychological and physical beings. So our poverty-alleviation efforts should also be holistic in their design and execution.”

When Helping Hurts

Our holistic approach includes supporting local Jesus followers in their journey towards spiritual maturity and equipping them with resources and capabilities to minister to those who are poor and marginalised in their communities.


The gift of education is more than just a way out of poverty for children with little to hope for.

Our education projects provide disadvantaged children safe places for spiritual nourishment, mentorship, healthcare, in addition to a quality education.


Poverty leads to poor health. The converse is true. Poor health keeps the poor in their disadvantaged condition.

MTI works with healthcare professionals to provide medical aid and health education to those in need.

We welcome volunteers with relevant community health experience to provide their expertise alongside local healthcare providers, for example, to set up and run medical and dental camps in our projects.


Fostering strong families amongst the poor is an urgent task. Without which, many women and children will be left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.


Each year, natural disasters and acts of injustice devastate scores of communities around the East Asia region, leaving vulnerable people displaced and in a state of destitute.

We works with local OM offices to demonstrate the love of God by providing critical relief supplies to such communities. Local and global partners also play important roles in these relief efforts.

Beyond the relief phase, long term rehabilitation work is also needed to help these communities rebuild their lives.


Employment is a key solution of sustainable poverty eradication.