Sharing God’s love amidst Myanmar’s spiraling Covid-19 crisis

Sep 8, 2021

Lisa* felt feverish as she called the supplier to order the second batch of food items for the food distribution in the village. Together with 15 other youths and 2 young sons living with her, she was tested positive for Covid-19.  

Living at the border area of Thailand and Myanmar, Lisa has been a mentor to these youths as they continue their education via online lessons in the youth dormitory now that their schools have closed. Some of the youths were students from the school set up by OM more than a decade ago.  

The village where the school is located has been under lockdown due to the spiraling Covid-19 crisis in neighbouring Thai & Myanmar towns, limiting the community’s access to basic necessities and employment. The villagers used to cross the border freely for employment and trade, but now they cannot. Hearing from the villagers that they are in dire need, Lisa and her team coordinated with OM to purchase food provisions to help the community.  

With the funds she received, Lisa ordered 450 sacks of rice from a wholesaler. The rice arrived within two days and the shop owner even offered to help with storage and transportation to the village. On the first day of the distribution, some 150 food packages, consisting of the rice, dried beans, canned sardines, onions, noodles, cooking oil and cereal were given to families that were most affected by the pandemic as identified by the village headman. 

Although Lisa could not personally meet the families that she had helped, due to Covid movement restrictions, she and her team shared God’s love with them through prayer notes placed in each food package.  

*name changed

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