Moving Forward Together

As we come to the end of 2023, how has MTI progressed in our mission, and how can you come on this journey with us?

Dec 7, 2023

In March this year, we shared with you exciting news about MTI’s new Executive Director, Grace Lee-Kok, and her vision for MTI to act as a catalyst for OM’s ministry among least-reached communities in East Asia. To that end, MTI has updated our mission to “deepening engagement with least reached and marginalised people groups towards vibrant communities of Jesus followers (VCJFs) through community care and development”.

As we come to the end of 2023, how has MTI progressed in this mission, and how can you come on this journey with us?


Throughout the year, MTI supported various OM field partners in their engagement with poor communities in East Asia by enabling them to share hope in practical ways. In a Southeast Asian country, we sponsored the education of some children from a community that is extremely vulnerable to exploitation and poverty.

In Indonesia, our local partners brought light to small remote islands through solar lamps and sharing about the need for God as light in our lives. We also helped to train a group of teachers and pastors in Bali in trauma care so that they can be agents of healing in their community.

In addition, to further equip our workers and partners, MTI organised a 2-day training in September on planning community programmes and projects that will truly benefit the communities. They learned the value of involving the local community and also discovered what a successful project that holistically meets the needs of a community looks like.

Besides learning useful techniques, the participants were also able to share with one another problems they were facing on the ground and discuss possible solutions together.

“Even though we have been in this work for many years, it has been helpful for us to examine our projects and see if there are better ways of conducting our ministry,” said one of the participants.


So how can you come on this journey with MTI?


We believe that prayer is a vital part of MTI’s ministry, and all our work must be undergirded and covered by prayer. Join us in praying for our projects around East Asia, and our workers and partners.

Some things you can always pray for us are:

  • That MTI’s projects will display the love of Jesus to the communities.
  • Resources, whether in terms of finances or workers, to carry out the projects.
  • Good collaboration between MTI and our partners so that the needs of the communities are met.

For specific and up-to-date prayer requests, subscribe to our monthly emails.

Project Associates

We are always on the lookout for individuals who desire to help vulnerable and marginalised communities as commanded by God in the Bible.

In particular, we seek Project Associates who can contribute their time, effort, and expertise towards our community projects. They may have a full or part-time role depending on project needs and their personal availability. Project Associates may choose to live among the local communities or work from their current location using technology and by visiting the communities.

If what we’ve described above interests you, email us at and we will contact you very soon!

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